DGXRay is the name of a computer unit and software that brings state-of-art digital facilities for x-ray systems

DGXRay, running on qualified computers, can replace the computer unit of normal x-ray or C-arm surgical systems providing all facilities of today’s C-arms for a very small cost

DGXRay uses straight simple yet rich graphical user interface supporting foot & hand switches

DGXRay runs in a number of modes including:

  • X-Ray Fluoro Imaging
  • Last Image Hold
  • Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA)
  • Road-mapping

DGXRay is made using technologies that guarantee maximum performance with maximum reliability

DGXRay,  being a digital system, brings environmental benifits to old x-ray systems minimizing the required mAs and the exposure time to get the same x-ray image, reduces the need for frequent x-ray exposures, and saving x-ray films and developing processes.